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                                Ferrari Mondiali
  Before and after the dinner at the 13 Gobbi restaurant, which offers exquisite cu- linary experience to the locals and foreigners, we went for a sightseeing around Florence, the city where the great Renaissance artists and thinkers lived and worked, which could easily be seen at every step. We could say that Florence is a town with most important artist lived and they were the center of European trade. Many wealthy families had their homes there – the Medici and the Pucci, for example. On Saturday morning, we were at legendary racetrack in Mugello, next to Florence, and watched the race, which we had been looking so much forward. The day past really fast and it was the dinner time again – this time at Peperoncino and overnight stay in the center of the romantic town of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Julia.
On Sunday morning, it was time again to return to the racetrack in Mugello and share excitement with over 40.000 loud supporters. A great number of specta- tors and a fantastic choice of racing cars created a phenomenal atmosphere full of energy, close to exploding. This year they showed the record number of cars, Ferrari 488 Challenge, 458 Challenge EVO, Formula 1 and vehicles from XX pro- gram – to mention just a few.
We have decided to visit Fer- rari Mondiali Race in Mug- ello in 2017 as well, that took place during the last week in Oc- tober, ending on 29 October. We started our journey of the last race of all the Ferrari teams on Friday morning and checked in Michelangelo Hotel in the very center of the capital of Tuscany, Florence.
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