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 We stayed at Alhambra hotel in a place called Čikat, the most beautiful bay with lush vegetation, which is responsible for the boost of tourism at Lošinj. There is a long sandy beach with the numbers of bars and restaurants hidden in the thick pinewood that has been attracting tourists for years. The boutique hotel has surprised us with its undeniable luxury and unique combination of Austro-Hun- garian architecture and best possible comfort, private beach and an excellent relaxing spot. The dinner at the Alfred Keller restaurant, which is named after the Vienna architect, who made blueprints for the original Alhambra hotel, indulged us into gastronomic pleasures. All the food is made with the best ingredients, us- ing the local vegetables and product prepared by highly skilled cooking masters. You can choose among more than 350 exclusive local and international wines from the wine list and the perfect choice can take the dining experience to the higher level. Socializing and enjoying our time together in the outdoors under the starry sky made us go to bed quite late that night.
The incredibly beautiful morning of an early autumn day, leisurely walk through
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