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                                Golf turnir
  One of it was to present some of the young Slovenian artists. One of the artists, Maja Lesjak Gavrilovski, a painter and illustrator from Celje, painted ‘live’ during the event. He work was exhibited all over the green of Smlednik! During the pro- gram, moderated by Aleksandra Balzamović and Peter Poles, Maja took us through the process of art and showed us the passion of visual creation that could be discovered only by a true artist, and that is Maja herself. Very special creations are made at a moment of inspiration but can make a long lasting effect at the viewer. According to Maja, her work was a result of her creative and career journey she experienced sincerely and intensively together with her children – and that could be seen easily in the colours and attributes of her quite childlike figures. However, her characters have the air of an adult, quite often even auto portraits. Colourful figural quite often gives a dreamlike character to imagine and picturesque visual figures and speaks to us with its life vigour in the same time. Her works goes far beyond the everyday illustration and the objects she chooses are frequently from our everyday life, but she manages to give them her own and specific signature. We had the opportunity to admire some of her creation during the tournament that was organized for both members and club friends.
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