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                              Adriatic Club
Dejan Arsić, head of the club
The day Ferrari and Mase- rati companies confirmed the possibilities for founding of clubs seems like yesterday.
However, it was more than three years ago and the time has come to write some kind of an introduction for a new book about the club activities in the 2017. One could say that three is a magic number, which could show if our guidelines and purpose were correct and by looking back, I am quite positive that we are on the right track.
The need for doing things together becomes stronger and therefor there are more joint events. In the same time, it seems that we are all prepared to share our free time together. Therefore, for the first time we organized a four-day trip to the Kvarner region, which made the bond between the Ferarri and Maserati brand owners grow stronger. More members attending the events and the
increasing number of the club members are just some of the signs that the club is gaining the reputation and prominence in the region but also in other countries. The growth brings new assignments and responsibilities.
During the 2018 we plan to work mora actively over the wider Adriatic region, we will choose the club ambassadors for Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina, which will help strengthen the bonds between the countries with the
respective clubs; we will organize a five-day event, from Ljubljana to Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka, all the way to Dubrovnik. I strongly believe that our members will make time for more joint gatherings in the year 2018. And here is the new book about our experiences together throughout the last year
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