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                                Golf turnir
  Members and friends started to play during the morning the others, who did not take part in the tournament, arrived later in the afternoon. The visitors had the chance to rent electric bikes or take part in a golf training. The entertainment was granted as there were two great moderators, well-known actress, Aleksan- dra Balmazović and TV host, Peter Poles; DJ Maj, whom we got to know at the New Year club event, made sure that the party lasted till quite late in the night. DJ and the sax player, Bojan Zupančič – Župco made a great electronic and jazz rhythms mix.
The peak of the event was the presentation of the new Ferrari Maserati Lifestyle magazine, FML in short. The mission of the magazine is discovering various de- lights all over Adriatic region (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Monte- negro, Macedonia and Serbia) and inspiring everyone, who might not able to see the opportunities, which are there at every corner – they just have to reach out and grab them. As always, there were more surprises to come.
In the beginning of June, when spring weather already said goodbye and sun was boasting
with its power, we organised the Texas Scramble Golf Tournament at the foot of St Mary’s mountain and Old castle.
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