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                                Avstrijska Koroška
  Rožek or Rosseg as the Austrians call it has a lively animal park, there is an enchanting wax figures museum with figures that represent previous castle owners.
The Castle gardens with its labyrinths are a great fun for all the nature and games lovers, who can play hide-and-seek in this big labyrinth. After the lunch and free playing time in the well-trimmed gardens, we took another panoramic drive along the southern Klagenfurt valley all the way to the well-known glacial lake, Faaker-See (or Baška Lake, to use a Slovenian name). One of the great fea- tures of the lake is that the water’s temperature can get as high as 27 degrees in summer and that is the reason why so many people consider it one of the most popular lakes in Austria. Besides the beautiful and warm turquoise water and glorious surrounding, the lake is famous for the great number of sports events; one of the most popular is definitely European Bike Week in the first week of September. After the lunch and a bit of a rest we returned to Villach and had dinner at Galeria restaurant and a night rest at our hotel.
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